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Affiliate Marketing
Essentially what happens is you learn how to build a website, that has links in it to other websites that are selling a product. This could be material goods or websites selling information products. The type of website and type of products are your choice. Then you drive traffic (visitors) to your website. When they click on your links they arrive at the site you are promoting and buy something then you get a portion of the sale as a commission.

Depending on the product and the site you choose to promote you might get 4% to 50% of the sale. So you will need a reasonable number of visitors to your website to make significant income, but once you have built one website you can build many more. All your websites together can contribute to a large income.

You can work from home and set your own hours.
You need a minimal investment (such as domain name and web hosting see for good rates and features).
You are your own boss.
It is a legitimate business and some people make many 1000's of dollars.
Once things are set up they only require some minimal maintenance.
You can work from anywhere there is a computer and an internet connection.

In the beginning you will have to put many hours in learning how to set things up, with no income coming in.
There is no guarantee of success.
At first your income can be variable until you have several websites that trickle in constant earnings.
You are your own boss so you will need to be a self starter as no-one is standing over your shoulder making sure you do your work.
It is a legitimate business so you will have to pay income tax on your earnings. In short this means siphoning off a bit each paycheck to pay the tax man when you do your income tax.
It is not a way of getting rich quick. It is a real job (although can be done part time).

Wealthy Affiliate
Is a website that offers training in all aspects of building your online business. They provide a free trial membership to give you a taste of what you can learn and the community support that is enjoyed there. It is very complete education and laid out step by step. I have been a member since 2010. If you decide you want to go further with this income source then they want you to sign up for at least a month.

There are no tricks here. If you find it is not for you you can stop being a member at any time. Most people stay a long time as they get many benefits from the website.

Wealthy Affiliate also provides a number of free tools with your membership, such as free domain hosting.
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