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Does "Honest Riches" by Holly Mann, Give you the Internet Marketing Skills You Need?

Honest Riches E-book CoverIs Honest Riches by Holly Mann one of those Get Rich Through Internet Marketing ebooks, that are so common now?

Everyone has their own slant on how to make money off the web. So much of it is hyped up sales pitch.

 My name is David Robertson and I am learning the ropes with internet marketing, just as you may be as well. I would like to give you my honest review of Honest Riches by Holly Mann.

I hate to be sold an item on just marketing and internet marketing hype, but I am willing to listen to solid information. I had spent several months wading through information when I discovered Honest Riches by Holly Mann.

I actually weed out my choices on how much an internet publication is "sold" to me. Honest Riches is a recently updated Internet Marketing ebook . I was pleasantly surprised first at the tone of Holly's sales page, then at the book itself. This young woman comes across as down to earth and very matter of fact. No Hype.

The book has virtually no filler in it and the examples are clearly presented. 95 pages of up to date information, and she will provide a link to updates  for free. Internet marketing is an ever changing world and the prospect of having constant fresh material was a good selling feature.

The book acts as a good solid foundation to web marketing. It then leads the reader to intermediate topics. This is certainly an excellent guide to set up an internet income stream, and is written in plain English. I did not have to sift through sales information to get the facts. The book was clearly laid out and in a logical order.

Holly Mann also includes many free tools that can either be accessed or downloaded. These I have already found useful. She does include a plug for her website design service. Yes she is in business for more than selling ebooks and that is to be expected. The plug was a tasteful addition to the content in one of the chapters. More providing additional information than a sales pitch.

Honest Riches has 12 chapters some of which are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Research is Key
  • Making Money Without a Website
  • Website Design and Development
  • Content is King
  • Search Engine Optimization

The other chapters round out the book to make it very complete for someone to use to get a solid foundation to internet marketing.

As an added bonus Holly maintains a forum to help sort out problems people are experiencing. This forum has attracted many down to earth people that are having the same trials and tribulations that the rest of us are having. The sense is that everyone is truly trying to help each other develop their marketing skills.

As with anything on the web you have to weed through a bit of information, and find what pertains to your question. Holly Mann's forum has become a mainstay for me to get up to date marketing information. I do like that the forum is about selling not trying to sell you things.

Honest Riches has been well worth the $37.00 that I paid for it. I feel I got my moneys worth out of just a few of the tips and one of the free tools. There is so much more to this resource book that it is very good value for the money.

If you are a novice or wish to enhance your skills at internet marketing, I would recommend Honest Riches by Holly Mann.

David Robertson

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