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I am David Robertson and I have been marketing my products on the internet since 2000. Most of my work has been around my blacksmithing site www.artistblacksmith.com.

e-webincome.com is devoted to helping people develop an income from internet marketing. For some this may only be an additional income stream, for others it may become a full time career income.

I try to provide useful information that has a very low cost for people starting out. I struggled alot in my internet marketing business. Many times looking for products and programs to do the job cheaply and with little headache.

This website will give you the benefit of all my mistakes. Essentially giving you a hand up in the internet marketing field. You will make your own mistakes but hopefully you will not make the same ones I did.

Look around the site. There is a lot of great information at the end of the links. Read everything you can and make decisions wisely.

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